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UnitedHealthcare Community Plan (Standard Plan)

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TTY: 711
7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday


  • WW® (formerly known as Weight Watchers®) 13-week voucher program to learn about healthy eating and weight loss
  • Up to $75 yearly in rewards for members who complete specific health, wellness and engagement activities
  • Providers (formerly known as Fresh EBT) mobile app for members who qualify, with SNAP balances, stores that accept SNAP, grocery store deals and get healthy meal ideas and how to prepare them
  • Sesame Street Healthy Habits for Life Toolkits that teach how to make healthy meals on a budget, get active, and develop healthy habits


  • $75 yearly for youth club membership at Boy & Girls Club or YMCA for members who qualify and are under age 19
  • Healthy Weight and Your Child program for members ages 7-13 who qualify and their families, to attend 15 weekly sessions about healthy habits and healthy weight


  • Mobile-friendly online tool that educates and helps youth nearing adulthood prepare for independent living
  • Up to $160 for Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED) exam voucher and materials for members ages 18 and older
  • $25 gift card for eligible members in grades 9-12 who earn 3.5 GPA or higher in school


  • Up to $150 for hypoallergenic mattress cover and pillowcase for asthma


  • Local community baby showers for pregnant members and/or new mothers, with gifts, resources and education
  • Up to $100 in rewards for baby products in Healthy First Steps online program to reward members who are pregnant or within 15 months of delivery and go to prenatal, postpartum and well-child visits
  • 1 electric breast pump per pregnancy for members who are at least 36 weeks pregnant and no more than 12 months postpartum (after delivery)
  • Wellhop online program with virtual support and educational tools for pregnant moms

Phone program

  • Cell phone with free monthly data, minutes, and texts
Substance Use Disorder (SUD) recovery

No extra services.

Behavioral health

  • Sanvello app with on-demand help for stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Seeking Safety courses to help members dealing with trauma/PTSD and substance abuse establish safety in their lives

Alternative healing

  • $100 yearly for alternative healing for purchases or services such as herbal remedies, vitamins, massage and acupuncture


  • Up to 3 round trips or 6 one-way trips to job interviews and other employment-related activities for adult Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) members
Parent, peer and online support

No extra services.

Chiropractic care

No extra services.

Home-delivered meals

  • Up to 14 meals for members who qualify after discharge from acute hospital or state nursing facility
Pain management

No extra services.


No extra services.


No extra services.


Quit tobacco

  • Smoking cessation services, coaching, tools, and resources through QuitlineNC

Community paramedic services

  • Transportation, home visits, education, and services for members who qualify